Anker soundbuds slim plus vs Anker soundbuds surge

I am trying to choose one between the Anker soundbuds slim plus and the Anker soundbuds surge. I am really not sure which suits me better because i have no earlier experiences with anker soundbuds. I mainly use these while running and during my gym workout. So what i would like to know is ;

  1. When comparing the sound quality between these two wireless earbuds which has the better sound quality( without aptX on the slim plus)
  2. Since my mobile device too supports aptX and since the slim plus supports aptX too will it give the slim plus a upper hand in sound quality when comparing with the surge
  3. And which is more comfortable and has a better grip without falling or loosening during running or during my workout
  4. And are the soundbuds surge noticably larger and heavier than the slim plus
  5. And when comparing these two which has better noice cancellation
    And please from your experience with these two wireless earbuds let me know which suits me better according to my requirement
    Thank alot :slight_smile:
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Are you against a newer pair of earbuds? Like Soundcore Spirit or Spirit X?

They both have Bluetooth 5.0 and SweatGuard technology (IPX7 rating plus sweat resistance). You’ll find slightly better audio quality with the Spirit X, and today they are even cheaper as a part of Amazon’s Deal of the Day!


Thanks alot for your advice. But the thing is i really prefer the in ear type soundbuds rather than with the hook. So thats why i narrowed down my options to the soundbuds slim plus and and soundbuds surge

The regular Spirit is in ear, but it is $40, which is more expensive than the other two you’re looking at.

If you insist on the Slim+ or Surge though, the differences are pretty minor, but yes aptX may result in slightly better audio for compatible devices.

But Amazon does not ship to my country. I was planning on ordering either the slim plus or surge from AliExpress. The spirit is not available on the Anker store on AliExpress. So that’s why i am confused on choosing one from the above mentioned two soundbuds

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My preference between your chosen two is the surge, bigger driver affords more bass and louder vocals

So will the surge sound better even when comparing the slim plus with aptX. And what about the fit and comfort of the surge. Is that also better than the slim plus

The surge has earwings that hook into the ear, which imo are better than just the single hook of the slim. So they are better for comfort and hold better, the larger size is moot when wearing them imo. Soundwise I cannot compare since I don’t have the slim, sorry

I thought the drivers were the same size…

The slim uses 6mm driver whereas the surge uses a 10mm driver

Another difference is the water resistance. Slim+ carries an IPX5 rating whereas the Surge is not rated.

In terms of battery life, the Surge is advertised as 6 hours with Anker touting 7 hours on the Slim+.

According to the surge has a 6.8 mm driver size while the slim plus has a 6 mm driver size

Finally, if you plan on using the carry pouch, the Slim+ includes a much nicer and more protective one.

Well, my mistake then. I could have sworn my packaging said it had a 10mm driver. I no longer have it so can’t argue.

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Ultimately, I wouldn’t stress out too much over it. In the end, I think they’re both going to suit your use cases just fine. Unfortunately, Anker has a quite confusing and very populated lineup of earbuds and with the lack of a helpful comparison chart tool on their website, it’s difficult to track down all of the miniscule differentiators of each model. Sorry we can’t help more.

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can provide some further insight into the nitty gritty details.

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I really appreciate your help in this concern. I’ll contact anker officials and see. Thanks alot :slight_smile:

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I have both the slims and the slims+ and I recommend the slim+ over the slims. The sound is better and it comes with a hard case instead of a sleeve. Anker is sending me a pair of the Spirits to test out and I should have my opinions on them here in a few weeks.

Do you have any experience with the soundbuds surge ? Will the slim+ be a better buy than the surge