Anker Soundbuds Slim not turning on

I recently bought a pair of Anker Soundbuds Slim, since my old pair broke and I really like the product, but this one seems to be a different model. While on my old ones there are two LED lights just above the play button, on the new ones the lights are nowhere to be found. Plus, despite the fact that I’ve been charging it for a while, holding down on the play button doesn’t seem to turn it on like it does with my old earbuds.

All of the online tutorials for use seem to have the model with the two LED lights, and they seem to work differently from this model. Does anyone know how to turn them on and pair them to my phone? If so that would be greatly appreciated.

Could I get a picture of the earbuds?

Here’s some pictures of the parts relevant to this post.

Those should turn on by holding the center button. If they do not do so after charging overnight I would contact anker support.

Chances are you have purchased the upgraded Soundbud Slim model.

As advised by @andrewGholden374 the Soundbuds should power on from the play button after a 3-4 second press. Try charging the buds for 6-7 hours using a USB wall socket adapter and not a power bank, as the power draw from the buds are often too low for most power banks unless they support trickle charge.

If they still fail to power on reach out to for assistance under your warranty.