Anker SoundBuds Lite #CasualUseSolution

After going through many reviews, I ordered Soundbuds Lite to use them at home or outside as Zolo Liberty is best for a short use of 2 to 3 hours while doing workouts or in a party. As you need to rest them in charging case after couple of hours use. I would like to use the soundbuds lite (soundbuds life is a bit heavy for daily casual use) for the day long during my working hours or at home while getting all the notifications through SHOUTER (Android) or any other app while my cellphone rests in my pocket or on the table etc. This helps me in not keeping the cellphone in my hand and can easily respond if its needed.
I will be back with a realistic review after a couple of days of use.


The Life is not heavy, the weight is over your neck spread so well you do not feel it.


Thanks for the adv. Actually a friend of mine using LIFE he told me that lite is real lite. Anyways I try to change the order if it isn’t dispatched yet as they promised me to deliver within 12 hours.

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Thanks for the “pre-review” :grin:


WoW here I am with a big #HappyFace after using the #SoundBudsLite for about a week.
No doubt its a great return of the money you spent on it.

Day one and two;

Tested on continuous music playback and its avarage timing is around 9.5 hours with 75 percent of volume (timings varies with different type and quality of music) . The sound was good and crispy with enough bass. Played awesome on surround option of equalizer.

Day three four and five.

Tested on phone calls with an avarage talktime of 4.5 hours a day and it showed the RED light on 3rd day when I was going back home with a talk time of 13 hours.
Mostly used with Google Asst and it picked almost every command while dialing and texting even sending WhatsApp msgs. Voice at both ends was clear while talking on phone, Viber and Whatsapp etc even while riding a bike.

The most interesting and satisfying part is that it shows the battery percentage right on status bar and you don’t need any app to install for it.
Its light weight and comfortable for all day casual use while at covered areas or on streets.

Highly recommended if you need a device for calling cum music purposes.

I am going to modify it a bit and upload the pics so the modification may be added to such an upcoming models/variants.
For giving the consumers a good return of their money.


You could even start a new thread to upload your review.:grin:

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Actually I was too busy with my office assignment that I forgot to post a separate review and in a flow I reviewed here. But since I am back home I will create a separate thread for a final review ( A detailed review after one month use) with pictures and suggested mods.

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Wow, thanks!
Waiting for your review!:sunglasses:

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