Anker Soundbuds Life

Here’s a quick review of the new Anker Soundbuds Life.

Just got them in the mail today after work!

Anker Soundbuds Life

Anker demands quality. Over the years you have come to expect high quality products when it comes to Anker, if it’s power banks, cables or even audio devices. These are no exception. I must say, if you’ve ever opened an Anker package that just arrived in the mail it’s akin to opening a present on Christmas morning. Today was a little different, the packaging felt cheap, thinner than normal. The carrying case seemed like an after thought.

Bonus time: It came with a small micro USB charging cable and plenty of ear cushions.

Enough about the design, the sound is great. At first it feels a little cheesy on the bass. But they feel high quality along with crisp notes and lyrics.

The neck band at first seemed awkward, but once I put it on it felt really good. Not heavy at all, the buttons were easy to press and responded well.

I think for the money this is a great buy. Great quality, great sound and superb customer service. Must have to the Anker line-up.




Thanks for your kind feedback! Don’t forget to recommend for your friend hahah!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is my feeling too.

I just need to get into muscle memory which button is which.

Nice review and pics :thumbsup:

The neckband is a bit of a weird thing, when I first felt it in hand I thought ‘well it’s not as light as I thought it was gonna be’ but once around the neck it was forgot in minutes. Still trying to break the habit of using my device for play/pause and use the headset though…

Update - For iOS (possibly Android) users it’s worth noting that if you answer a call via the phone and not the play/pause button on the headset, the headset is bypassed in favour of the phones own speaker/mic.