Anker Soundbuds - Don´t work

I ve bought Anker Sounbuds Sport in and it arrived today. I’ve charged the battery during the morning.
Now, I ve tried to turn it on, but when i press the power button nothing happens(there’s no light). Can someone help me please?

Hi @pedropovoas , when you say press the power button, are you pressing and holding for 2-3 seconds to power on? You should be able to hear a startup sound on the headset. Also was the red charging indicator off, or still on when you disconnected?

Hello @ndalby, yes I press and hold for 2-3 seconds the power and nothing happens. No sound, no ligth, no nothing :(((

Thanks for the confirmation. Are you getting a steady red light when connected to power for charging and did the light turn off after charging for a few hours?

As you have only just purchased and received and you are not able to power on correctly, you may have a defective unit. I would either instigate a return and replace via Amazon or you could contact

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@ndalby No, the red light doesn´t turn off, after 12hours in charge the red line doesn´t turn off.

Anker will taker care of you, easier warranty process than any company I have dealt with.

Can you try charging them with a different USB cable?

Thanks all for the kind reply and suggestions. @ndalby @Noah_Woodcock @Oggyboy Hi @pedropovoas , we are so sorry to hear that your headphones can’t work well after some troubleshooting and we will send an email to you to help you out ASAP per our 18-month warranty. Thanks.

Support with Anker works like a charm :slight_smile: