Anker SoundBuds Curve!

I had won a pair of the SoundBud curve Bluetooth earphones & just wanted to say they are wonderful! Only issue was the clip that comes with them my fiance was trying to attach the cord and it broke but besides that wonderful and I’m about to write my Amazon review and give it 5 stars they are lovely and I had accidentally signed up originally with my Facebook having the wrong email that I hadn’t updated to my new one and I had no access to the one my Facebook was using but after speaking to customer service and getting a response within an hour they fixed it where I got my email about winning them and the link I needed to give my shipping information. Customer service said I wouldn’t receive a tracking number for the product more than likely since it was through Amazon but I got an email saying that my item was shipped with tracking and estimated delivery date being January 2nd and it was correct! Thanks so much Anker I gave them to my fiance since he works in construction he loves listening to his music this way if he sweats a little we don’t have to worry about them malfunctioning or having to worry about him getting tangled in the cord from his ears to the phone which he was having a problem with with his old cord headphones he has had them in for a few hours now and still does! He said they were totally easy to pair with his phone and fit is comfortable and I can’t hear his music coming from them like I did with his old headphones from another brand nor can he hear me when I speak so I have to wave my hands or poke him to get his attention he said he loves that lol thanks so much!


Hehe glad to see you were brave enough to go get them in your mailbox !

Thanks for your feedback, hope your fiance will love this pair of headphones.:hugging:

Yes I finally was brave enough to wander out into goat country lol staying on my in law property with his massive number of goats lol

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