Anker Soundbuds Curve wont turn on

Hello. I had bought Anker Soundbuds Curve from AliExpress in November 2018 delivered almost by January 2019.
I had used them for about 2 months and they stopped working. I tried everything the seller said it did not work. Lastly, the seller offered me a 60% refund.

This has an 18 months warranty.

Yet the seller is forcing me to accept the refund.
I thought Anker was better than this. Thoroughly disappointed with the service.

My Order ID: 96754516916228

Hoping for a positive reply.

Please reach out to Soundcore Support along with the details on issue, also try to send a DM to @AnkerOfficial

Note that AliExpress has its own support policies and may / may not honor the Warranty from Anker.

Best option is to first reach out to Soundcore support and take it forward from there.


Aliexpress has their own warranty policy and while its true most anker products have a 18 month warranty, these do not as they have to adhere to the sites warranty policy if they wish to sell items on their site. You can try to reach out to anker for a resolution, and hope they can further help.

As far as then not turning on, are they fully charged?

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Hi @Parthasarathy_Bommid,

I’m sorry to hear that your headphone stopped working. AliExpress has a different warranty policy than other retailers. We’re unable to offer you a replacement on this platform. If you would like to get a full refund, we need you to ship back the faulty product. For more assistance, please reach out to our customer support team directly.

Thanks for your understanding!


@Tank Yes they show a red light when put to charge and after a while the light turns blue. If I remove the charging cable and plug it in again the light is red again. I did a 24 hr continuous charge as well. Still no effect.