Anker SoundBuds Curve not working with Windows 7

Hi All,

Just bought these headphones yesterday for use at work.

Im using Windows 7 Enterprise edition SP1 and when pairing my curve to my PC, all goes well and it displays as a device under Device and Printers.

The problem is, the headphones blue blinking light, usually signifies pairing, doesn’t stop even after windows pairs with it.
The device under Device and Printers Enables when the device is on and disables when it is off so it’s recognising it, but no sound and it doesn’t appear under Playback devices.

Are there any drivers that can be used with these headphones or any help on this?


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Hi @Thomas_Rowe,
Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of issues with Bluetooth headphones working with Windows in general. One thing to check is that your computer has the latest Bluetooth drivers from the manufacturer. In particular, the drivers need to include the Audio profile (A2DP). I’m not sure what kind of computer you have, but here is some general information from HP:

Also, feel free to reach out to for further assistance.

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Try forgetting your bluetooth Soundbuds then repairing them. That worked for me

If all else fails you can always get a USB Bluetooth adapter or upgrade the internal module

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Thank for the reply but tried that a few times with no luck :thumbsup:

Luckily installed HP drivers and all seems fine now, thanks for the option though :thumbsup:

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Thanks TechnicallyWell, Don’t know why I didn’t try and look for HP drivers, spent a lot of time looking for Anker drivers before coming on here. Got it all working now so thanks :smiley: :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the update. I’m glad it’s working now!