Anker SoundBuds Curve call microphone issue

Hi all,
I have seen plenty of reviews stating that the microphone on this set is average to good quality, and used them for a conference call today for the first time. I was told after the call by a couple of coworkers that I sounded muffled, but the volume was very high… Has anyone noted this on Android phones (PH1 / Pie)? I’m going to play around with the few things I can change, but I have not found any real settings so far.

Thank you for your time,

I don’t have the curve, but I have the spirit X… I haven’t experienced any problems with phones calls. People have said they sound great!

Used the Curve with an iPhone 7 for a few calls before switching to the Spirit X but can’t say I ever had any issues raised from the remote party about muffled sound…did have a one person mention the volume sounded lower than they would have expected though…

Have you tried a fresh pairing to rule out any issues?

I also use Curve with iPhone SE and never had any complains about the voice quality.