Anker SoundBuds Curve - Audio Issues

I have a pair of Anker SoundBuds Curve that work flawlessly with my cell phone. The issue that I’m having is connecting to my computer. When the headset connect (Bluetooth) it creates 2 devices

1.) Headset (SoundBuds Curve Hands-Free AG Audio)
2.) Headset (SoundBuds Curve Stereo)

If I select the SoundBuds Curve Stereo I get no sound at all. If I select the SoundBuds Curve Hands-Free AG Audio I get sound but it’s terrible. It’s mono, very tinny and the sound level is very inconsistent. I’ve tried disabling the SoundBuds Curve Hands-Free AG Audio but that doesn’t change anything as I still get no sound from the SoundBuds Curve Stereo device. If I try and uninstall the SoundBuds Curve Hands-Free AG Audio it actually uninstalls both devices.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you



Word if advice, delete your bluetooth driver. Go to the manufacturer’s page of the bluetooth card, NOT the computer manufacturer, and download their updated driver for the card. Then try to repair and see if that fixes your issue


If he uses Windoofs this might help.:wink:

So, it’s a Dell computer. No indication of the “Bluetooth” manufacturer. Thought I’d take a chance and uninstalled and reinstalled the driver provided by Dell and that corrected the problem.

Thank you for the help!..


You should find out what the manufacturer of the installed bluetooth card in your Dell computer is.
It is not Dell. :wink:

As far I remember the type and manufacturer of the Bt-card can be found by
a simple Win-command.
(sorry not familiar with WIN any more)

Then you should go to the card manufacturer’s website and get the driver from there.
Delete the preinstalled driver and install that one you downloaded from there.

Glad you got it working, but just know that if windows update it may cause issues with the BT driver. And then you will have to go through this process again.
Windows update has been notorious for causing issues, so it’s best to try and find the manufacturer of your bluetooth card and get the proper driver

Well, that was a long road. Seem that Dell doesn’t spell out what Bluetooth adapter is installed (there’s a reason and you’ll see why). So, the way to find out (in Windows 10), do the following:

Go to:
Settings / Network & Internet / Wi-Fi
Under the WiFi tab you’ll see “Hardware Properties”. This will tell you the Manufacturer and model of the WiFi adapter. Turns out, the Bluetooth and WiFi adapters are bundled together…

It was an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 adapter. Just typing that into Google took me to Intel where I could download the most current Bluetooth driver.

Hope this help some other Windows user that runs into this issue on their Dell laptop.

Just a note, I don’t have this problem with Manjaro!..



This was what had to be done.

I made an account just so I could say thank you. This fixed the problem and what’s more, updating drivers fixed an old display glitch I’ve been having. Intel has a very streamlined system called the Driver & Support Assistant. It should detect any missing drivers that you would never guess to update by manually searching in the windows Device Manager.

May I post the solution to an Amazon review of the product so more people can see this solution?

Thanks again!

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I think you can publish it.
Shows that such simple things help.

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