Anker SoundBuds accu self draining

Hey Anker,

I bought a pair of SoundBuds last Summer via Amazon.

Right from the start I’ve noticed that the accu ist self draining if the buds are left alone for one or two days. This is annoying because every time I want to use them, I have to charge them first.

One of my colleagues bought a pair too last week but his accu stays charged even if he doesn’t use them for nearly a week.

So I guess my buds are broken in some way. Am I right?

Kind regards,


Have you made sure you turn them off after each use? If you leave them on they will drain. Even if they aren’t connected to a device or playing music.

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Yes Sir. I’m not some dumb noob but actually an electrical engineer. So don’t try to argue with me about power management :smile:

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Ha! Just making sure! :wink::grin:


There’s definitely something wrong there, I would shoot an email describing the problem and any steps you have taken. They’ll most likely want the headphones back to diagnose and correct the problem on future models.

if you are still within the 18 month warranty period you won’t have any problems getting a replacement. Most of the Anker staff this out of the office for the Chinese New year holiday so they might not get back to you as soon as they normally would.