Anker Soundbud Rise not detectable

Hi There,

Need your assistance in solving my Anker soundbud lite issue. It worked only for 2 days and after that it is not visible to any bluetooth activated devices.

After switching on power button, blue light is showing up but the device is not able scan by other devices.Then the light turn to some red color and disappear.

Is there any way to solve this issue.

Expecting your reply.


Sounds like they would benefit from a reset. Not exactly exactly sure how to do this on this particular set of headphones though, try holding down the play button and one of the volume buttons for 10 seconds or so.

Hi TheDude,

Thanks for your reply.i have tried holding down play+volu up button. But that is not seems to be resetting the device.


Is the headset fully charged? Make sure that the Soundbuds Lite is fully charged, once fully charged, the headset should have steady Blue light.

Try to pair with the smartphone / device and let us know the results.

Beyond trying a new cable and wall new charger I am out of possible solutions. If a new cable does not work to charge your headphones please reach out to describe your problems and include proof of purchase/order number if ordered from Amazon to expedient you’re warranty claim. The Anker staff is out of the office on weekends but you should get a response Monday or Tuesday.

Anker is such a pain not putting how to reset stuff in the manuals :man_facepalming:. It would save so much stuff from being posted on the community (not this post of course :wink:).

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Hi Shenoy…

Not sure how to know the battery status of this device.whenever i switch on, the blue light appear( so it seems it has battery power)and i can hear the boom sound of notification…but after 3 minute it shows as red color and eventually disappear that too.

Try this - connect Micro USB cable from your laptop or charger and wait, check if the Headset has Steady BLUE light. This means, it is fully charged.

Also, looks like the Soundsbud is not finding any device to pair so it is auto shutting off in 3 min, which gives a red light. I have these myself, will test and confirm in may be next 20min.

Have you tried pairing with a different smartphone or device to Soundbuds lite? Can you try to pair to some other device and let us know.

Confirmed - if Soubdbuds lite does not connect or pair to any phone or a device it shuts off in 3 min

Try the below —

Charging / 100% charged confirmation ----

Try this - connect Micro USB cable from your laptop or charger and wait, check if the Headset has Steady BLUE light. This means, it is fully charged.

Reset Soundbuds Lite

Then Reset the Soundbuds Lite - hold the Volume + and - buttons for about 4~5 seconds, it will reset and go into pairing mode. Try to forget the connection on your phone if you already had it paired sometime in the past. Turn off and turn on BT on your Smartphone and pair with Soundbuds Lite.

Hopefully this resolves your connection / detection issue.

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As you said, i am charging the it with MicroUSB cable from laptop for the last 2 hrs.Still the blue light never shown up instead it is showing in Purple color. Weird!!! :frowning:


Try the reset and pairing to the phone, see if it shows up for pairing and let us know.

Charging from a laptop is not ideal, the vast majority of laptops USB ports only put out about 1/4 of the power that normal charger would. So any device will take four times longer to charge. I don’t believe this is your problem though. I also had a set of SoundBud lites crap out on me for no apparent reason, they were not used often and maintained very well.

Now I am trying with MicroUSB with Mobile adapter for charging, lets see that will work or not.
Still am unsure on the process of hard reset. I have tried different combination of deep pressing ( more than 10 sec) the buttons, nothing seems to be working. I have also dropped an email to Anker support., awaiting their response too.

Sorry I couldn’t be more of a help. Every device has a unique reset procedure but it sounds like the headphones are dead.

When Anker does get back to please share what they said so others or myself will be better able to advise people needing to reset this specific set of headphones.

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I have these Soundbuds Lite myself and wrote the steps from reproducing on them :point_down:

Do let us know response / steps you get from Anker support.

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Finally I got a replacement from Anker. Support team was very helpful and cordial. But the core issue is still exists though…:grinning::grinning:


Glad to know you got a replacement, and your experience with Anker support - its top-notch.

But they’re still experiencing the issue…

you still seeing the same issue with the newly replaced headset?

if yes, then you need to check a different smartphone device to pair these… capture whats happening on a video :wink:

Though it is possible but very highly unlikely that 2 headset have same issues, existing and a replacement one.

What device are you pairing them with?

IE… iPhone 6, or Samsung Galaxy S8 or laptop with windows 8 etc