Anker sound core won't charge

I love my Anker sound core bluetooth speaker but I can’t seem to get the usb wire to connect to recharge the speaker. Is there a fix for this?
fenton lawless

Hi @fentonlawless!

Welcome to the Anker community and sorry for the inconvenience.
Would you mind telling us which product model it is, so we can help you more accurately?
Thanks very much for your understanding.

Anker community team

Anker Bluetooth Speaker S/N:226T7EUF
fenton lawless

Hi @fentonlawless
I’ve checked with our support team. We are not able to tell what type of Soundcore speaker it is based on a Serial Number, but we’ve made a guess it probably is SoundCore speaker A3102. If so, then your cable would be micro USB charging cable, which means any micro USB charging cable from other devices would be compatible with A3102.