Anker Sound core 2 .. sound auto mute

Anker is supposed to be a good brand. I am using other product of anker. This sound core 2 was gifteted to me which was bought in US. My self stsying in india used it for 2 months and it started to create some issues. The sound automatically reduces to zero making it useless for me. Upon pressing the + sound increases and as soon as I leave it the volume goes to zero.
Since there is no service centre in india, I wrote a mail to customer care. They refused me the free service which was on warranty because I dont have the bill of the product.

“Since then I learnt never ever to accept any gift without the bill of anker product.”

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Hey @Ar.zalmon_x
Have you tried a soft reset? Press and hold the power button for 4-5 seconds.
Alternatively you could try a firmware upgrade.

Let me know if either works.

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I have tried reset and also updated the firmware. Even then it is not functioning. Same issue as stated earlier.

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Thats a shame @Ar.zalmon_x
Sorry your haven’t been able to get it working.

Its shame on anker product which do not last for than 2 months. Nobody can trust anker products for that matter.

But these things unfortunatly happen @Ar.zalmon_x and thats what the warranty is for.
Its just a shame you are not within the warranty catchment areas.

It is a shame that you haven’t been able to get it working, it’s quite rare for those speakers to fail.
In Ankers defence though, it is a speaker from the US brought to India and you have no receipt, you can’t expect warranty service on it.
Since you have nothing to lose, have you tried opening it up to have a look at connections etc…

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