Anker SmartCharge F0 FM Review

Initially I liked this device, however after using a few days, I found a couple of minor problems with the device.

First, what I liked, pairing was super easy and finding a free radio station in our area is very easy. I don’t live near a large city so I can’t say how it works when there. The audio works crystal clear and I think is easier to use than the bluetooth built into my head unit. Charging your devices is very fast and took about 20 minutes to go from 10% on my iPhone 6S Plus to over 50% (I didn’t think that was too bad).

Now, what I didn’t like. I listen to A LOT of audiobooks. I have an Audible subscription and cannot live without my audio books. I think that due to some of the low tones/pauses by the narrators in the books you can miss the first word or two when he/she continues the story. I think this is probably due to the power saving features of BT4.2 that is enabled on this device.

I also took a call on this and the person on the other end said it was very “echoey” (their word not mine). I don’t think the handsfree portion is solid for this device.

So, if you listen to audio books and want to use it as a hands free device, I’d probably steer clear of this device (hence the 4 stars), but if you listen to primarily music and want to charge your phone, this is a great device.


nice review and pics :ok_hand:

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Your review has been useful for me, thank you very much.

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It does have an AUX out port, but the placement can be frustrating for certain cars, depending on where the DC outlet is located.

@iroast I agree with this.

Absolutely correct. I received mine this weekend and I found that it is really frustrating to attach it to my DC outlet with aux cable attached.
I have 2010 camry and have 2 DC outlets. One is inside of center console (there is aux in jack too at the same location) and the other is next to driver seat. The problem is that this one is more logical to use and the port has metal frame around it so F0 fits really tight (it is good without aux cable). The only way I can use the aux cable is if I rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise. Even then I need to use a really thin profile audio cable or right angle cable.
I would suggest moving the aux port on F0 to top of the device rather than on the right side.
I will review it based on my observations and will post some pictures of the issues.
Soundwise- FM is OK. Sound quality suffers a lot (very flat, no bass, poor treble). Bluetooth with aux cable is awesome (very clear and enjoyable sound). I wish there was an option to turnoff the FM transmission.
I do not hear any hissing sound so don’t need ground isolator (some cars have this issue, mine don’t).

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great review

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@Kenny_Bertin Sorry to hear that it is missing the first word or two when he/she continues the story, can you please send us a video of it for us checking?

With regard to the issue of “echoey” please send us a picture of your car’s cigarette lighter. If possible, please let us know your car’s model #.

In order better help you, please contact us at

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