Anker Smart Plug?

Hey guys,

Recently, I’m on a kick for smart home tech. I know Anker makes a lot of plugs and wall bricks and such. What if Anker made a smart home plug that could be controlled via an app? It would be a simple thing that you plug into a wall outlet, then plug something else into the smart plug. After that, you would be able to control it via your phone. Simple, yet really useful! Thoughts?

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Not a bad idea, but it would need to be cheap as all you could do is switch things on and off, right?

True! There are already some smart plugs out there, but they are expensive ($20)

Sadly, smart home tech is just that way. I just shelled out $90 on 3 LIFX Smart bulbs… And they were 50% off…

nope, market too small.

Yea it’s pretty expensive stuff right now… but I see it getting much cheaper add the industry grows


I’d love to see them come out with a line of products that work with the new Google Home. Outlets, Surge protectors, etc but without a separate hub. Most options out there require their own hub which adds to the cost and I feel like Anker could wedge their way into this growing market but getting rid of one of the biggest issues with the few systems that are out there.

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I would like this too but a 3-pack of timer switches is $15

Great idea! But there are already quite a few of those, including an affordable option from TP-link!

$30 a pop is affordable? Not in my book lol. If it were $20 a pop or maybe even 2 for $30, then we’d be talking.

Ok, here’s yet another idea to throw into the shark tank … HOT WATER HEATER TIMER, it attaches to your higher thermostat and tells your heater when to turn on and off. There’s one or two in the market, but if you’ve made the Roav to make dumb cars smart, then you can make something to make my dumb hot water heater smart too, I believe in you.

hey, why dont you make a car with one button to go faster, another to go slower?

I can do your cynical pov too.