Anker slimbuds start to charge but then the orange light turns off and they are hot

Idk why but all of sudden the wireless slimbuds have stopped charging.
I am not sure if it’s the batery or if its the chip messing up cuz at first they were at 20% when I checked on my phone and then I plugged them onto my pc and they were at 40.
With some chargers the light doesnt even turn on but heat is still there.
Should I just throw them away aka are they dangeroes to use?

I mostly use them when I go to bed and only rarely will I leave them on the charger over night.
I doubt they can charge past 100%.

First advice is eliminate if dirty.

Check the charging port for debris.

These are wireless buds in charging case? Check for debris in the case and on the buds.

Invisible but still an issue is grease off the ears and skin can block charging, clean with isopropyl alcohol. Use soft item like a q tip.

Next, we usually recommend try different charging cable as they tend to age and work less well over time.

I checked but it doesnt look like there is anything in there.
I had them for a while but I used the a really small amount compared to the time.
Could different charging cables/chargers damage the battery?
I dont think I even know where the original cable is.
I do have one that is really short but when I compare to reviews of slimbuds it’s twice as long.

Found out the date when i got them 22 of february 2019.
So the warranty is long gone.
I guess I will just have to buy new ones.

I think that they are for whatever reason overheating when charging and then a security thing inside them trips to stop overheating and then they dont want to turn on or charge until said security thng is off.
And I cant do anything to fix this and it’s prob just the batter that has failed.