Anker slimbuds can't connect to Samsung s4

They connect to my iphone and I use my samsung to connect to other Bluetooth devices

It doesn’t even find the earphones

Question, are they turn on and still paired to your iPhone or have you put them into pairing mode for searching again? Seems like a stupid question but I’ve seen similar issues raised before…

I have unpaired them with my iphone
the blue light is flashing showing it’s searching for devices

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Sounds like a BT compatibility issue your phone model, with them being able to connect to an iPhone. Do you have any older pairing records for the Slim’s on the S4?

I had a S4 for a while. I had issues with newer BT headsets connecting. I find with Android devices when they start to age, they are no longer are supported with apps and hardware. Do any of your other BT devices have issues connected to the S4?

If not, I would contact and tell what steps you have done. They might have some better tips to get you connected or tell you if there is a compatibility issue.

I have and use an older galaxy phone and I have no bluetooth issues. I would recommend holding down both the + and - button on the earbuds to foce them to forget any connections and puts them into pairing mode. Then go into your bluetooth settings and try to add them, almost always this forces it to show up

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Anker slimbuds look to be blutooth 4.1. This would cause issues interfacing with a galaxy s4 since it is bluetooth 4.0. Looks like soundbuds sport are the only ones that interface with 4.0.


As @Monk3e said, there are definitely versioning issues with Bluetooth. Just because a phone has Bluetooth doesn’t mean it will be compatible with all Bluetooth devices. My wife had a phone that wouldn’t work with BT headphones I used with my Galaxy S7. It could be the BT v4.1 issue, or maybe the SoundBuds require Bluetooth LE, etc. You need to contact @AnkerSupport to clarify the requirements and if your S4 isn’t compatible (it’s a pretty old phone!), you pretty much don’t have any options other than to return it.

@sean_bateman I am so sorry to know your Samsung can’t pair with this pair of headphones. Could you please contact with your serial number and order number? We will cover an 18-month warranty regarding any quality issue related. Thanks.

You’re a frickin’ genius, elmo41683! I was thisclose to returning my new SoundBuds because they weren’t showing up on my MacBook Pro’s device list, but your tip to disconnect from other devices by pressing both volume options at once totally did the trick. Thanks!