Anker slim+ won't charge

My Anker slim+ earbuds (outside of warranty) will not charge. I have tried several different cables and sources, however the red light will not come on when connected to a charging source. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Have you cleaned all contacts? (Charging box and buds)
Take a look if the socket of the charging box is free of any debris
and the contacts in there are OK.

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If you haven’t used the, in some time, they could have over discharged. I had a pair of different earbuds that this happened to, and they had to be binned.

Length of time between charges ~ 6 months or more

what would be an effective way of cleaning contacts? I tried rubbing alcohol and q-tip. Couldn’t really get in there.

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I would use the same q-tips and alcohol.
Take a magnifier and look into the socket if all pins are OK and pretty clean.
As @TheSnarkyOne mentioned, if the buds have been forgotten, a total discharging could happen.
If you are lucky they “wake” up after a certain time in charging mode and do charging again.
(Happened to me!)

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Have you tried leaving them plugged in overnight? The light might not come on now because they have been discharged for too long, but given a constant current going to them can sometimes revive them and they start to charge again

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It might be time to get another one

I have tried plugging it into my laptop as well as various wall outlets through an iPhone charger power adapter. Both used to work but neither does now.

How long ago did you buy it?