Anker Slim+ Review

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I don’t know if I can make a thread about a product review thats already been done but Amazon keeps rejecting my reviews for some reason and is taking forever to review my resubmitted one so I am submitting it here instead…is that cool?

Well here it is:

To compliment my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I wanted to obtain a wireless earbuds for myself. I wasnt quite ready to commit $100-$200 for completely wireless earbuds so I decided to go with the reliable Anker.

To start off, the packaging is as usual, Anker style, in that nice matte like feel and the signature white and sky blue color. It was surprisingly light. Once the box is opened, you are greeted first with the headphone case. When i picked these up, it was so light that I thought they might have forgot to include the headphones, which was not the case when I opened it. Like really, it was SUPER light. It comes with the usual “are you happy? not happy?” contact card, micro USB cable, and 3 different sizes of earbuds and wings, very very nice.

As you can see from the product picture, the battery lies on the volume buttons and it is reasonably sized. If you are new to the wireless headphone space, you might first notice that it is really big, but where else can the battery life come from? You will get used to it as time goes on.

I am 5’11 and I was able to fit the medium earbuds and wing-tips perfectly. They slip right in and it is SO comfortable. The earpieces themselves are shaped like bullets and you can attach them together because they have magnetics on them. Really useful when you have it around your neck and you dont want it to be dangling all the time.

Now we get to the actual sounds. These sound incredible. It really has it all. The voices are crisp and the sound is crystal clear. You can hear pretty much every beat of the song, and might even discover sounds and tunes you didnt notice existed in your favorite music. Now, with that said, I do like bass and the headphones had enough bass, I wish it was a tad big stronger though, but I won’t complain because I can edit the bass level on my phone.

In terms of call quality, i would give it a 4/5 only because some people did have trouble hearing me from time to time and I had to adjust the placement of the mic. This didnt happen often but when someone tells you to repeat what I said once or twice in a convo, it can start to feel irritating.

The controls are fairly simple, there is a + and - buttons for controls and a play/pause button. To skip the song, you long press the + key and vice versa. To turn off and on, you press and hold the middle button.

The battery life was great as well, it lasted me around 4-6 hours on a full charge. Recharging time was about 1.5-2 hours.

The only points I would like to make is the fact that the USB port is covered with rubber flap. I’ve had a history with rubber flaps and those tend to rip after wear and tear. This rubber flap protects the port from water so I can see this being a potential problem in the long run. Also, I do wish the wires were about 1 - 1.5 inches longer, as I found the earpieces pulling eachother when I turned my head because it was getting stuck on my collared shirt. If you are wearing a regular t-shirt with no collars, this doesnt happen, however.

In terms of its waterproofing, I took this bad boy for my runs and it stayed in my ears and took the sweat without a problem.

In terms of distance, I was able to get a sold 30-40 feet without losing connection but once I moved behind a wall, it started losing connection. Standard for this bluetooth protocol.

All in all, a great device. like really great device. For the price, you really cant beat the quality of the build and the sound. You will certainly not be disappointed in this product.


Nice review and photos. Do you know what the difference is with the old Slims?


Battery life seems short, was that your average on time? Overall good job

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I have never owned the original slims so I could not compare

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yeah, it is advertised to have around 7 hours of playtime , I was able to get around 4-6, which is understandable.

Great review with lots of of in depth pictures :+1:

I guess it all depends on the phone and volume

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Thanks for sharing your review, @hunho.lee10! Nice job!

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Mine is in post and I’ll be reviewing “soon”.

Nice review I have the slim seems to be a good upgrade.

possibly! maybe others can confirm in the future

Good job with the review. :slight_smile:

Nice review. Amazon is still still shipping mine(don’t have prime). Hope to have it early next week.

mine in my hands now, doing evaluation and then review will come. Took an age to pair with my phone, harder than the Slim, paired easily with my tablet, lots of rebooting on/off til they paired.

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Yes i did notice that, I thought it was just me because I was switching from my laptop to the phone from time to time

I don’t think it’s particularly Anker’s fault, I have a metal case Pixel C and OnePlus3T and they have worse wifi and BT than the plastic case Nexus 7 and Toshiba Chromebook. I expect more recent more complex BT struggling through the metal cases. More ceramic cases required.

Personally I never had a problem with plastic and prefer to a Faraday Cage.

Overall the Anker BT products have been fantastic so good my $350 Bose are going idle.

Thanks for your honest review! It’s objective and it shows that our products have a lot of space for improvement! We will keep working hard!:muscle:

Nice review @hunho.lee10 , thanks for sharing :ok_hand: