Anker show some love for iPhone SE

Anker make some case/battery case accessories for iPhone SE
I’m not seeing any accessories for the beloved SE

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In my opinion it would be completely pointless in Anker making anything for the 5S/SE it would be such a tiny market it wouldn’t be worth Anker’s time or resources in making products for older or forgotten about phones.

You are probably better off looking at the tons of 3rd party accessories or cases for the SE on Amazon :slight_smile:

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Battery case would be nice. My sons se lasted just under 2 years and now has to be charged after about 3 hours of use. He just keeps it attached to a power pack now.

I respectfully disagree that 5S/SE is tiny market. You will be surprised to know how well SE sells.
There are always tons of 3rd party accessories and cases on Amazon, not only for SE but for 6, 7, 8 and X as well. Anker always finds ways to differentiate from others so I will be interested to get some Anker accessories for my SE.

I’ve just bought my 2 girls SE’s so they’ll need accessories for the next 2 years at least :ok_hand:

Having said that, they’ve bought Smiggle Cases

I’m well aware how many units that they still sell to this day but my point is to imagine if all tech companies started making accessories for older products instead of fully focusing on current and future ones then where would that leave 3rd party sellers that thrive on that kind of market.

As I said it’s my opinion and not everyone will agree with it and I appreciate that. That’s the great thing about having an open community we can all share different opinions about things like this.


Get a $25 replacement from Apple. I did and now the phones like brand new. :grin:

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Considering that the SE is soon to be phased out, I don’t think it makes a huge amount of sense for Anker to make cases for it. They’re really only going after the current iPhone flagships, and not even considering some of the more popular Android flagships, so the SE just doesn’t have enough market share to be worth it.

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Those were my thoughts exactly! @Sam_Reed

Perhaps when rumoured SE2 comes out there will be more reason to build a battery case for it? Assuming Apple doesn’t change the exterior design.

It will probably be a iPhone 6 version. That’s what I would expect.

A bit pointless as it is an old device and it’s not a “flagship” phone, like the iPhone X, S8, Note 8, 5T etc

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SE is a great little phone. I would have gotten one as a backup if I could gotten a 64 gig or higher at the under 200+ price point.

I’ve heard 2 rumors one they are about to redo the SE and and other that they will discontinue it.

I don’t think the SE will be totally discontinued. Its a good little entry level phone and brings in new Apple Customers that would have gotten a Android at that price point. With all the new SE users coming online I think it would add more revenue for iTunes.

I doubt Anker will make cases for the SE. If Apple comes out with a new SE model, it might be possible for them to work on some SE products.

The rumors I’ve heard with regards to the SE are that the name will continue to exist, but with a pretty dramatic redesign. There are a lot of rumors pointing to the release of several variants of the iPhone X next year, with different sizes and features for each. Right now, the guess is that the SE will be the cheapest of these options, with certain features like 3D touch missing. I think that, relative to the other offerings in Apple’s future lineup, it will be cheap, but expect a price hike like we’ve seen with every other flagship phone released in the past year or two.

The SE is still a solid phone - keep an eye on the batteries, and you should be fine for at least two years, as the hardware is probably good enough to support the next one or two major software updates.

My thoughts exactly, and a point that is even more reinforced when you consider that, on Anker’s website currently, the only phones that they are making cases for are the iPhone 6/6s and up, as well as a single offering for the Galaxy S8. I don’t see a Note 8 offering, and there’s nothing for the OnePlus 5T either. A strong range of phone cases doesn’t seem to be high on their list of priorities, and I can’t say that I blame them seeing how many options are out there for dirt cheap. Competition must be stiff.

I certainly agree

Wow that is cheap, although in Canada I can expect it to be around $60. Was it easy to replace?

The current SE has same internals as 6S, i would expect something like iphone 7 or even 8 for SE2.

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In a 6/7/8 chassis :thumbsup:

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