Anker should take inspiration from this ... - Hakii Bluetooth Speaker

Hi friends, its Arushan from Asura and I have another review for you. Although this product has nothing to do with Anker or Soundcore, I thought it was a very cool product and if Anker listen they may be able to make a great bluetooth speaker. This is just something I want Anker or Soundcore to incorporate for the audio products.

But yeh, this is a Bluetooth speaker from a company called Hakii - Audio company and its definitely a great product as it has useful features like type c, waterproof ipx7, 5000mah power bank, which is something that will be great to Anker and soundcore users.

It would be much better to publish your review at “Haki’s website”.
This is the best place for the best review produced for the best speaker!

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Also mate, this topic is purposely put into the Ideas and suggestions section, so this review is definitely where it should be !

Anker already makes great Bluetooth speakers, I own one.

Why do you want Anker to incorporate it into their product line when Hakii already makes it?

Don’t get me wrong, I kinda get your intention.
But it think it’s like asking Ferrari to make Ford because Ferrari’s are to expensive.
Ferrari will make you a £30k car, but it will just be a Ford.

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Same here , I also own a couple Anker Speakers, I’m not hating just suggesting and I know they have great sound quality and performance and they are obviously better then Hakii sound quality but the reason why the Hakii speaker is so good is because they incorporate the smallest of features that have a huge impact in the convenience and overall quality of the device . For example type c, ipx 7, and included power bank, equalizer functions, TWS system as well.

I know Anker products are great but they can be even better by addressing the smallest of suggestions like moving forward with type c. I mean nowadays I hate to see micro usb ports and pretty sure many other people do to.

However I respect your opinion and that’s why I created this topic also to see what others think about this.

@arushan12 while suggestions and comparisons are welcome against Anker or Soundcore products, video reviews solely of competitors products should not be posted.

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Oh right , sorry for the misunderstanding I am quite new to this community so I wasnt quite sure if I should upload it here.

I will remove it at once.

No worries @arushan12 the following gives a good overview of the community rules

Good reviews by the way on your YouTube channel :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, much appreciated!