Anker should make nice mains cables

I would love it if Anker made some “nice” short mains plug to figure-8 cables to use with their chargers. I want as small a kit as possible when I travel and I usually end up bodging it with an appropriate Apple “duck head” plugged directly into my 5-port USB charger, hanging off the wall at a funny angle. But this isn’t really satisfactory.

What I’d like is a set of ~30cm mains (UK/EU/US/AU, at least) to figure-8 cables, made of similar stuff to Apple’s first-party power cords. The closest thing I’ve seen used to come with the Microsoft Surface’s power brick, but whenever I try and google them all I get is something about them being recalled, and I can’t find a SKU.

Does anyone know of any other options?

I don’t understand what the product is that you’re wanting. Can you post a link to a similar cable from another brand (just to give me an idea).

@TechMan I think the OP is referring to this type of design

This type of cable

The Microsoft Surface cable I referenced in my original post is this one:

It’s short, the connectors are nice and the cable sheath is “rubbery” rather than “plastickey”—quite the opposite of the UK cable you have pictured in your response, @TechMan (but yes, that’s a good example of the “ends” I want on it.)

The Apple connector @TechMan pictures is one of the “duck heads” (I swear people call them that!) which I bodge up by connecting directly to a charger and hanging the whole lot off the outlet.)

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Maybe they will decide to make them if there is a big market for them