Anker should make a reversible micro USB cable

I have known many phones and devices get their micro USB port destroyed and often times people develop issues charging their devices that have these ports. I know I am one of those people and I have never yanked my cable from my phone, yet my port is problematic with certain cables.
In the past I would just get a new cable but recently someone gave me a reversible micro USB cable. This cable could be plugged into my phone regardless which direction it was in, but the intriguing part was that it did so with a solid connection and didn’t wobble like other cables. I do not know what brand the cable was but I think this is a great idea that Anker should pick up and make. It saves the hassle of trying to figure which direction to plug the cable in and it can help save old tired used micro USB ports on phones or really any device due to the way they sit and connect to the device.

I hope I am not the only one who would love a reversible micro USB cable from Anker

Great idea, hard to execute. All of the reviews that I have read online of reversible micro USB cables have been horrible. From what I have read the narrowed down connector cannot keep up with daily use. That being said if anybody you could pull it off it’s Anker. I know this might not be cost-effective but maybe they can make it work for daily with a more robust reversible titanium connector.


I’ve always wondered whether or not these were legit. @nigelhealy?

I agree with @Jesse_Hernandez1 its a Frankestein creation, we should go to the USB-C standard, no silly distractions with anything else.


it wear the micro usb port faster though. usb C is the future


The idea is good … I am predominantly at Ligthning this is yes …

I would however still wish that the other side (the USB plug) is also to be used on both sides … This is technically very well feasible …

Maybe something is going on here too!

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they already implemented that in some chinese branch, but it quite firmsy though.

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It’s a great idea to make reversible micro usb cable if we can, because Anker is always loving to create surprise to our lovely customers if possible

However, Anker is not authorized to change the shape of connector on the micro usb cable, as it violates the rule by USB organization. We can only make standard connector of micro usb cable for that reason.

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It would be great if anker does some reversible usb cable and i would like to see it

I didn’t realize that the reversible micro USB connector was a redesign, but now that you mentioned it I do see the difference. I was in Walmart looking at cables and noticed they had two brands selling a reversible micro USB cable so how is it some companies can get away with it and others can’t? Just curious is all

We are afraid it is just possible that some company sell products get away with regulations that should be followed.

While we must say that Anker is a company that strictly follow those rules we have to follow, and that is a very important reason why Anker can be trusted. If a product isn’t supposed to make, we don’t make it. Quite a simple belief for Anker.


Hopefully in the somewhat near future every new phone and other devices will use usb-c which is reversible and in most cases faster. Also there is the lightning connector too if you have and apple product.

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