Anker screen protector for iPhone xr

Immediately after ordering my iPhone XR under the Verizon buy one get one deal, I quick as a flash purchased the two set of anker glass screen protector!
Was very impressed with my anker one on my iPhone 7 Plus, and knew it was what I wanted.

I was very impressed with the screen guide form included. It was slightly warped at the top preventing the screen protector from simply being placed. That aside it was extremely easy to place perfectly on my phone! Even removing and reapplying the protector was easy making sure to get a lint free application!

Yet again impressed by anker quality packaging and well made product at a very competitive price.

Between my anker wireless charger, wall charger, car mount, viva/smart charge 2 and screen protector. I’m a walking advertisement for anker haha.

Still no battery pack or charging cable but its inevitable haha
Thank anker for being competitive and quality.


Nice… thanks for sharing! My iPhone X Karapax screen protector is still going strong as well! :thumbsup:

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Maybe I’m out of the loop but the Anker screen protector is the first one I’ve seen that comes with a guide.

Simple but effective.

I hope Anker continues to make screen protectors even though they stopped making cases.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been a fan for several years and sport a large handful of their products and share my experiences with anyone who asks.

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There are a handful of it her companies that includes a guide, but most are way more expensive and tend to charge more just for the ease of installation

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That’s why I love Anker they don’t charge an extra 10 bucks for a 10¢ piece of plastic…

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Thanks for sharing @benaji

Whenever I purchase a new phone for myself (or family), always have an Anker screen protector in the basket before checkout :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing! In addition to produce high quality screen protector, we also teach users how to install the item on your phone!:smile:


Great review! I’ve got an iPhone and i always use anker however previously on my iPhone 6 the outlining was shown and didn’t stick properly because the iPhone has curved edges and the screen protector is flat so i was disappointed…


The alignment tool really removes that issue. The hardest part of install was getting it lint free.