Anker sale on

Anker accessories on sale @ which is owned by Amazon


Thx for letting us know

Thanks for sharing… I am still not confident on using woot for Anker products… prefer Amazon :grin:

Thanks for sharing :thumbsup: . Although the sale prices are not too attractive.

I agree, was looking at this morning to post it, but I saw this post. I will recommend to look at your local Walmart (if there is one near you) since right now they have stuff on sale.

I forgot Amazon owns Woot, thanks for sharing!

Yeah check Walmart. I at my local Walmarts the sales aren’t that great. Unlike last year’s Walmart sales, this year they are only few dollars off the regular price. Many of the current Amazon sales for Anker products are far better.

So make sure to check with Amazon and see if you can find a better deal there.

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are you sure?

Yes Amazon owns, they brought them out back in 2010

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Thanks for sharing !

I’ll make sure to check them out

Thanks for sharing, nice deals…

ok, good to know, little more trust now :grin:


Never heard of Woot before thanks for letting us all know