Anker’s First Meetup! | Recap

Hey Anker fans,

We had our first meetup right here in our Seattle-area home, and we had a great time with those who attended. We showcased a ton of products, had a meeting with one of our charging product managers, Gary, and even played an Anker version of Jeopardy!

We met up with our fans near our Bellevue offices, in which we would happily spend the evening talking products, thoughts for the future, and just getting to know one another.

We started it off with introductions and a little history of Anker. As you probably know, we used to be a laptop battery company before growing to what we are now. We even brought one of these first-edition batteries with us!

We then got some Anker products into the hands of the attendees. We brought PowerPort Atom PD 1, PowerPort Atom PD 4, and PowerHouse 200 along.

A couple highlights from this portion included PowerPort Atom PD 4 and PowerHouse 200. The fans were quite excited about the PowerPort Atom PD 4 because they had been looking for a 2-port Power Delivery charger from us for quite some time. The PowerHouse 200 was something that hadn’t been seen up-close before by many of the fans as well, so they were happy to be able to see its dimensions and features up close.

We then called up Gary, one of our Anker charging product managers, who filled us in on the latest thoughts regarding wireless charging. He explained how, despite it not being as fast as cable charging now, it would become the way we charge our phones in the future. This sparked a discussion regarding the future of wireless technology, and why we think it’s worth investing in now.

From here, we moved on to play Anker trivia. Four teams were pit against one another, answering questions about Anker products, Anker, and tech in general in a Jeopardy-like format. The winners each received an Infini Pro. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t close. Xin and David both hit it out of the park, fortifying their reputations as true Anker fans.

From here, we dipped back into a showcase of some new Soundcore products. We showed Infini Pro, Rave, Rave Mini, Icon, and Icon Mini. Highlights from this portion included the Infini Pro, which we were able to demo for fans, and the Rave/Rave mini - there was some discussion regarding the beach/pool party/tailgating potential of these speakers and the amount of watts within each of them garnered a “wow” out of some fans.

Overall, the meetup went incredibly well and there was a feeling of inspiration from the staff. We were definitely excited to get to meet you all and we’re hoping to do another one very soon. Based on what you’ve seen here, what do you think we should include in future Anker meetups? Let us know in the comments below!



Looks like it was an interesting meet up, congrats :thumbsup:


Are you guys planning on doing a uk fan meetup in the future? I would love to go


Please please come to North Carolina, I would love to meet everyone. I’m glad you guys had a good time, I’m shocked at how small the powerhouse is. But overall it’s nice to see y’all had fun


Congratulations on first meetup :grin: Anker is growing from strength to strength, look forward to seeing many more meet ups around the globe :smiley: :thumbsup:


Looking at that last photo again, I think I spot new neck band headset and quite a hefty sized Soundbar (Infini Pro?) compared to the current Infini model :grin:


Looks like a fab meet up. Loving the new products. The powerhouse is certainly smaller than i imagined it to be.

The soundbar, rave and PD products look fab too. Well done all.


Who here attended? Anyone self declare?


You should have product giveaways :joy::grin::wink:.

I really like the jeopardy. It looks fun! I’d love to go to one if it’s near me


You should include England in the next meet up… Or better still… Airline tickets n accommodation, and I’ll come to you! Hahahaha

Maybe… I met Anker t-shirts, or I found the source of the power, Anker 2019 meet up t-shirts

Oh, @AnkerOfficial
Anyote news on the t-shirts


Thanks @AnkerTechnical for sharing the pictures and how it all went. Interesting and motivates to join one of the next one if I can. Nice the also see what’s coming and get a hands-on feeling. Well worth the time spent :thumbsup:


San Pelligrino and Snacks! I missed out!

Hoping you guys come to Chicago or somewhere in the Midwest! I’d be there in a heartbeat!

Anyone from the community go to this event? Would be cool to get their experience!


I love this idea and glad to hear the first meetup was a success! I’m not sure how much traction you’d get here in Springfield, MO, but if you ever end up doing a Kansas City, MO or St. Louis, MO meetup, you can definitely count me in!


Can we do it at Arthur Bryants or Oklahoma Joes? :tongue: :ok_hand:


Haha! Either work for me! KC is easier for me to get to since it’s closer and I have family and friends there to visit as well.

How many in the community could make it to a KC, MO meetup event if Anker decided to host one there?


I’d be there - I’d have to make a pit stop in Lawrence though!!

@joshuad11 is from the sunflower state I believe.


nice, good job :thumbsup:

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more pics please

you have to come to the uk. :smile: