Anker’s February Highlights

Hey Anker fans,

The month of February is over, so we thought the beginning of the month could be a time of reflection. This is the first of a new series of posts in which we gather notable happenings from the past month. Come along with us as we take a look back to February!

Unbox Therapy Liberty Air

Unbox Therapy reviewed the Liberty Air in a very entertaining fashion. Thanks Lewis!

T-Shirt Contest

We hosted our second official T-Shirt design contest on our community board, and had a lot of extremely creative entries. We have to give it up to @TheCharneco for making the winning design (pictured below). An honorary mention goes to @gAnkster for the hilarious depiction of Mona Lisa as an Anker fan.

New Product Releases

This month featured a series of stellar releases, including:

PowerHouse 200
PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning Cable
PowerPort Atom PD 4
PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder
Icon Mini
Prizm II

We wanted to thank you all for your contributions to the community board this month. We had great turnouts for our We Love Testing programs and we’re excited to continue! Stay tuned for more!



Thanks @AnkerOfficial for the honorable mention! February was a great month in the community :grin:

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But Prizm II was released last October… :confused:

Great month for anker. :+1:

Nice anker :+1:

Love this highlight. :slight_smile: It was a good month.

It was a great month.

Looking forward to seeing what happens throughout the rest of the year :muscle:t2:

Congrats Anker! Looking forward to more months like these

Totally looking forward to more post like these.

Oh I want that shirt…!

Great month for me too… started to be more active in the community…though I have not contributed anything to win any prizes, feeling happy that helping some ppl… :grinning:

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@gAnkster you deserve it buddy ! great work :thumbsup:

Prizm II Pro?

Not out yet.

Awesome Anker can wait to see what’s coming out next

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Banging start to the new rooster year Anker

Long may it continue

It was a good month!

It was a great month.