Anker Roav - Wifi dash cam review


Anker said there’s a battery issue with the older serial number having bloated battery after awhile and is being replaced. They were very quick to send out an exchange as soon as you send back your own and their free return USPS tracking shows it was sent back.

They will send you back as if you just bought this off of Amazon again (you get to keep the accessories during an exchange).

My initial impressions were great including the bundled accessories. All you really need with this unit is a micro SD card. The outer casing is aluminum or some type of alloy. It feels nice with a decent weight to it. The two mounts come with the black 3M extreme VHB that would withstand most summer heat. Big responsive touchscreen. So is the big power button (which I often ended up hitting by accident). Wifi functionality as much as it can only be used when the unit is not recording but has fairly quick connection to view and download media to the phone.

For anyone that’s new to dash cams I feel this is what Anker targeted. There’s really not much to change as far as the settings go as it’s set to record at 1080p 30fps (max resolution) along with loop recording, WDR which cannot be turned on/off but is always on and your basic settings are all set. As long as the time/date is correct then the whole install should take less than five minutes. Of course if you’re a dash cam enthusiast this is probably as basic as you can get for settings and may find many features lacking.

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I really fancy a Roav Dash Cam…I currently have an Apeman but have run into issues with it.

Which cam is this review for, there are currently 3 available in the UK and I’m wondering which to go for. The ones that stick directly to the screen or use the more traditional suction mount.

They look really well made though so I’m keen to get my hands one to see for real…waiting for a lightening deal to hit!

I was about to ask the same.

I have both the original C1 (which was replaced by Anker) and the C1 Pro.

I prefer the Pro version for several reasons…

  1. the on/off side button is less sensitive to accidentally turning on the cam when transporting
  2. higher quality videos … although, I do find that the Pro tends to over sharpen
  3. I can read license plates better
  4. Has voice announcements… tells you when it’s on, in Parking Monitor mode, or it’s recording

Those are just a few differences that I’ve seen.

Nice review. How’s the video quality? Any video to share with us?

I have the C2 and I’m impressed with it I just wish I had waited for the WiFi model (it came out a few weeks after we ordered ours). Its an effort to share and save video to my computer or phone.

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Thanks for the review!

Thanks for sharing nice review :smiley: @sokofa

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