Anker roav viva

40% off during launch need to suscribe to mailing list

us only. Left everyone the link above

This is their second email about the same thing… Strange.

I wouldn’t mind replacing one of my cheap ones for this…Looks like a nice one.

40% off is a great deal, why not!:sunglasses:


I can neither confirm nor deny that it works great and has some pretty cool features, most of which i can neither confirm nor deny knowing anything about, but its pretty cool I hear and I would definitely sign up :wink::sunglasses:

reason why the ports are that color? Or only aesthetics?

Looks to only be aesthetic, Roavs other products utilize orange so it may be their signature color


Oh ok, though it meant QC or something aside from the usual Blue.

Does it support FM transmission? The roav website says yes, but reps on amazon say no.

This does not support fm transmission.

Were you a beta tester?

Speaking of, haven’t been connected with any beta tests lately… How about everyone else?

Really? Where at? I emailed Roav and they said no.

yup, weird i just got notified of your reply josh