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DashCam Duo

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Roav, by Anker Innovations, is dedicated to creating connected devices for your car that improve the convenience, safety, and enjoyment of every drive.

dash cam duo

Capture the Unexpected

Roav’s advanced dual-camera dash cam incorporates cutting-edge dual Sony sensors, advanced NightHawk Vision technology, and a 24-hour parking mode to capture every drive from every angle in crisp 1080p—even at night.

  • Dual FHD 1080p Cameras
  • NightHawk Vision with Dual Sony Sensors
  • Infrared Interior Night Vision
  • Emergency Recording
  • Parking Mode

Capture the Unexpected

dash cam duo

Dual 1080p Recording

Keep an eye both inside and out while you drive. Front and interior-facing cameras capture all the action in crisp 1080p.

dash cam duo

Premium Lens

Superior quality glass lenses work together to provide an enhanced, crystal-clear image.

dash cam duo

Built-in GPS

Track your driving route, location, and speed with DashCam Duo’s built-in GPS functionality.

Capture the Unexpected

dash cam duo

Wide-Angle Camera

The 155° wide-angle front camera covers up to 4 lanes of traffic, while 110° interior camera watches over the entire cabin.

dash cam duo

Ideal for any Environment

Premium components and fire-proof materials ensure DashCam Duo can function in even the most extreme environments.

dash cam duo

Parking Mode

With Parking Mode, DashCam Duo continues to watch over your vehicle 24 hours a day.

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DashCam Duo
Capture The Unexpected

From Roav — Making the smart driving experience accessible to all.
A collection of connected devices that enhances your driving experience.
Created by the same team as Anker—renowned for exceptional quality and innovation.

Panoramic Views
Capture more than the car in front of you. With DashCam Duo’s dual wide-angle cameras, capture up to 4 lanes of traffic as well as your car’s interior with ease. Ideal for Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers.

Comprehensive Clarity
Whether it’s day or night, advanced dual Sony sensors with NightHawk technology capture every detail in crisp FHD 1080p.

GPS Tracking
DashCam Duo’s built-in GPS module automatically tracks your vehicle’s location, driving route, and speed every time you hit the road.

Parking Mode
DashCam Duo watches over your vehicle while you’re away, automatically activating the cameras if sudden movements are detected, such as a collision by another vehicle. Note: Use of this function requires a hardwire kit (Not Included) to provide a constant power supply. Once enabled, Parking Mode will activate 5 minutes after the car has stopped.

Goodbye Lithium-ion
By forgoing lithium-ion batteries in exchange for a supercapacitor, DashCam Duo boasts a longer operational lifespan, reduced risk of overheating, and the ability to resist temperature extremes of -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C).

Worry-Free Warranty
We have total confidence in our products and back them with a 12-month warranty. We will replace any defective product within 12 months of purchase, so use your Roav product without any worries.

Note: A Class 10, 32GB microSD / TF card (not included) is required as lower-class cards may damage the product. A 64GB or 128GB card should be formatted in the dash cam before using. Regularly formatting the card is recommended.

Features & details

  • All-Around Coverage: Front- and interior-facing wide-angle cameras simultaneously capture the road ahead and your vehicle’s interior in crisp 1080p Full HD. Note: Mount DashCam Duo in the upper mid-section of the windshield.
  • Enhanced Night Vision: Dual 323 Sony sensors with world-class F 1.8 lenses and NightHawk Vision technology deliver razor-sharp night-time clarity.
  • Track Your Journey: Built-in GPS automatically records your driving route, location, and speed, ensuring you have all the information for every journey you take.
  • 24/7 Recording: DashCam Duo’s parking mode keeps an eye on your vehicle 24 hours a day. If sudden movement is detected, the built-in gravity sensor activates the camera to record the situation. Note: This feature requires a hardwire kit (Not Included).
  • What’s in the Box: Roav DashCam Duo, 2-port car charger, 3.5 mm power cable, 2-piece 3M mount, trim removal tool, user manual, Happy Card, our 12-month product replacement warranty, and friendly customer service (microSD card is NOT included.)"

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