Anker Roav DashCam Duo, Dual FHD 1080p Dash Cam!

  • DashCam in Your Vehicle??? YES
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Why a dashcam?
You know it better than me, most of the traffic accidents happen due to other drivers not you. And mostly you have to pay for others’ mistakes. To prove your innocence you need a dashcam… This unit has a very sensitive motion detection and gravity sensor that when activated, saves the ongoing clip as emergency clip. You can only delete an emergency clip manually. It is never overwritten by loop recording. It is good to keep the sensitivity at medium level otherwise every road bump triggers the emergency recording and fills up the memory card very quickly.

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Which Dashcam?
The one that’s not a burden on your pocket and have all the capabilities and functionalities needed for you to get on the road (driving as well as having your vehicle parked).

Is “Roav Anker Duo” only for commercial drivers?
No, Roav Anker Duo dashcam is best suited to anyone of us. Either a commercial driver or not, it is the the dashcam that fulfils all your needs. We can tilt it to right and left, up and down (almost to focus at any angle around you) and it helps capturing the full story of a traffic stop. Some people think this Roav Anker Duo, is only for commercial drivers…NO…it’s not the case. It can assist you not only capturing the front view, but also the interior cabin of car. In cases of break-ins or other unusual situations, it captures on both sides (front and rear).

I received my Roav Anker Duo, from @AnkerOfficial as part of #WeLoveTesting campaign (the most popular event anker community knows of so far right from its start I think in 2017). I am thankful to Roav team in general for providing this unit to test and Miss Vanessa in special for assisting me whenever I needed. Anker customer service has proven themselves to be one of the best on planet.


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  • The dashcam body is made of durable & premium plastic with both cameras in a single unit with ease of rotation to almost any angle using either the pivot joint of camera lens or the joint on the mounting brackets. It is ABS plastic with orange ventilation lids/covers on both ends of the body (I think the marketed retail version has black ventilation covers as seen on product page). The black color is the best one as the orange color on my dashcam makes the unit less discreet and visible to some extent from outside. The holes in the side covers provide a considerable ventilation as I am using the dashcam in parking mode running all the time in extremes of weather conditions (100+ degrees of Fahrenheit in parked car under the sun). The dashcam never failed and/or never got any issues due to heat.

  • Dashcam Settings Menu:- Please have a look at this video to see how easy it is to adjust the settings according to your own needs…

  • SuperCapacitor is an appreciable transition by Anker Roav. In C1, C1 PRO, S1, S1 PRO and other lines of ROAV models all had a Li-ion battery with potential to heat up and catch fire (although I am using without any such issues with the battery operated ones for years and years made by Roav Anker)… In my family car, I was using another brand’s dashcam due solely to capacitor and not battery in that one). But now I am glad Roav transitioned to SuperCapacitors.

  • Li-ion battery was giving some minutes of recording while parked. But that was a totally flop function. Also, I have got my C1 Pro’s screen totally detached and hanging from the body of dashcam due to two possible reasons : 1. Metallic body of the dashcam that heats up more than plastic ones. 2. The Li-ion battery.

  • The dashcam’s User Interface is very intuitive and responsive. It is very quick and reliable whenever you press on the buttons. I had issues with my other brand’s dashcam to disengage it from recording mode and to enter the settings mode. The Anker Roav DashCam Duo is having no such issue.

  • Mounting and hardwire kit installation of the dashcam unit is a breeze. You can use either an adhesive 3M or the suction cup mount (provided in the package). Best Position to mount is upper middle portion of the front windshield. Make sure not to hinder the view by placing it behind the rear-view mirror. Keep the rearview camera with 4 LED lights facing inside the car and the main camera lens capturing the road. There is a parking monitor function on the dashcam settings drop down list. Turn this On with I have a hardwire kit installed mode option clicked. Although not included in the retail packaging, a hardwire kit ( is available as an accessory on ) plugs directly into the OBD port in your car located under the dashboard on driver side. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 in USA are supposed to be equipped with OBD functionality. This port is having power in it all the times…So when the ignition is on or off it doesn’t affect the power supply to the dashcam. When ignition is turned off the parking monitor function turns on automatically and the dashcam takes power directly through OBD-II scanner port.

  • Both the cameras (front and rear view) are equipped with wide angle lenses. Front cam (@ 155 degrees) captures enough to cover all the lanes of traffic in front of you. The rear facing cam is angled at 110 degrees and is enough to capture whole of the inside cabin. On highways or on surface streets, dashcam promises its function to the level of your satisfaction.

  • Best is to keep the setting of IR LEDs mode on AUTO as it adjusts to the light intensity automatically. This is beneficial especially in dim light recordings.

  • Enhanced Night Vision: Dual Sony sensors with lens apertures of F 1.8 and NightHawk Vision technology deliver crisp night-time clarity of image. Full HD 1080P resolution of the camera lenses captures tiny details including the license plates. Camera lenses are 6 glass category to ensure reliability.

  • A Built-in GPS automatically records the driving route, location, & speed. It is very helpful for mapping out your drives over time or in the video of an important incident. You can also keep track of your loved one’s drives if you want.

  • Supports upto 128GB microSD card. Never unmount an sd card while being in use by the camera turned on. This may not only damage the camera’s recording function but also the microSd card. The footage under recording would also be lost this way.

  • There are multiple options for display of both camera footages on the LCD screen of the dashcam.

  • 2 Port Roav branded car charger gives you an extra port for your smartphone charging cable as needed.

  • Trim removal tool helps in mounting the camera neatly and you can tuck the wires around in the are to make them invisible…


  • The downside is No-Wifi, No-App. It should have been Wifi enabled because I already have a ROAV dashcam app that I am using for ROAV S1 dashcam.

  • The suction cup mount isn’t included in retail packaging, I think. That mount enables you transfer the dashcam from your one car to another or to a rental car…

  • I think it’s the right time to introduce a CPL Lens filter in Roav dashcams.

  • USB-C type connection was my expected terminal for power supply of this dashcam.

  • Like other dashcam brands, Roav should also introduce a real High Endurance Roav microSD Card with the same trust and reliability of their own brand. We are tired of searching best dashcam microSD Card.

Thanks for reading the review and I would be looking forward to your suggestions and queries.


This didn’t sound right at first, but it actually is true lol

Btw excellent review :+1:

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Great review, and I agree about the cpl filter but i found this camera did a better job of adjusting to the ligjt so there wasnt as much glare as there was with prior versions.

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thanks for sharing

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An excellent review and many hints.
I like this.

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Excellent review, pics, and video. Yikes on your battery swelling. Luckily, both my C1 and C1 Pro are fine.

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Great Review!

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Great review! Good job! :ok_hand:t3:

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Great review. No Wi-fi is such a bad move.

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The footage only shows the front facing camera, I was kind of expecting the rear view camera to be in the corner. Are there options to record both cameras on to the same clip or does it record two different streams?

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It records two separate clips, i initially thought it was as you mentioned 1 clup with picture in picture, but alas its 2 separate feeds

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It records 2 different streams and saves two separate clips. Both video clips are of 1080P resolution consuming almost the same MBs on your microSd card. I would share the other footage (but maybe without me in the car :rofl: ).

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That clip on clip thing is only to display you on LCD SCREEN of camera while being recorded. You can change that conformation to any combination (only front view shown, only rear view shown, both with lay-on at different positions).

Haha it’s ok. Just wondered. I know it would take up space but it should really record 3 clips. One of each and one merged
If it wants to record separate ones. Just thought it would be a bit smarter than that

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Yes i known how it work, I posted my review Here

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Wao. Comprehensive review. I just read your’s now. Includes lot of details. Good work :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! :+1:

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Great review as per usual! :clap:t2:

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My pleasure… Thanks for the compliments… :grinning:

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Very good review nice and detailed and good spacing out makes it very clear to read I love how you start of your review with why a dash cam very good :+1:

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