Anker Roav DashCam C1. Review, Test

From the German
First, I must mention that I have not even thought of using a Dashcam.
Since I however in the acquaintance circle had an incident, where this recording was very useful I also wanted to no longer miss it.

To the cam:
Everything needed for operation and assembly was supplied with.
Only one MircoSD-Card I had to take from the fundus (pity a small as an addition would make the product “Ready to Fly”)

The assembly was easy for a “light” handcrafted with the accompanying instructions.
The most difficult as I find was the pretty laying of the cable.
It should not disturb and if possible not notice.
The cable can be pushed super with the supplied plastic “spatula” behind the panels.

The right place was also found quickly. Behind the mirror, so you can not block my view but I can still press the “emergency” button.

Once set up, you usually only need again after an accident to the camera …
Connected to the cigarette lighter (a 2 port USB charger is attached), the camera starts as soon as the USB port is on.
In most vehicles this happens with the ignition (with me, this is unfortunately always on)
After the camera is switched on automatically, the camera always loops in the loop (the length of the loops can be adjusted - 1/3/5 / 10min).
When the memory card is full, each file is overwritten from the front.
In an emergency (I hope I will never need this function), the “emergency” button can be pressed at the lower left-hand edge of the screen.
This recording is not overwritten.
After turning off the cigarette lighter, the camera goes to 60sec. Off (a timer is running here

In addition, the camera has a park monitor.
This means if a movement is detected with the camera turned off (sensitivity is set), a recording is started automatically. I find this function particularly interesting, since, for example, Vandalism and park recorders.
The camera is quite fast so it takes only a few seconds to record.

To begin with, I clicked through all possible settings, that goes both on the display as well as by app with the smartphone.
With the app, you can also download the recordings.

Since the camera is already well adjusted, I have only the Pipstöne during the operation switched off, as well as the time and the date set.

The field of view of the camera is also super, thanks to the adjustable optics, it can be mounted on almost every disc. Also the picture is good … for their purpose it is even very good … even with changing light conditions it comes quickly and it is always good to recognize.

(-) pity that no “small” MicroSD thereby lies.

+ All important functions are integrated (night vision, park monitor, emergency mode)
+ Installation is very easy and is well explained
+ USB charger has a second socket so that the charging of the mobile phone does not have to be done
+ The USB cable has the optimal length
+ The camera makes a very valuable impression (Allu housing)

I also added some pictures …


great job.


Nice review and thanks for posting in English for community members :thumbsup:


Nice write up! Thank you for being willing to take the time to write this review!:grin:


Very thorough review. Great job!

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Great review, search Google for cigarette lighter on off switch if you want an on off switch.

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Or if you are more advanced search hardwire kit 5v an wire it to your fuse box then it will turn on when you turn your key.

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Thanks for the tip :grinning:

Happy to help.

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