Anker ROAV DashCam C1 BUGS


i got my DachCam C1 yesterday und found some bugs…

it comes with: RoavC1_Sw_V7.7 and HW: RoavC1_HW_V1.1

i use the german language versions.

the Android app:

  • Settings:Loop-Record is showing:
    1 Min
    1 Min (this seems to be the 3 Min setting)
    5 Min
    10 Min

  • Setting WLAN-Password does not works! The app wants the old password but is saying new one?!.. After typing the old one and then the new it works but then i can not connect with the app anymore! the cam is showing the new pwd but the app still has saved the old one… only reset of the dashcam helped…

The Cam intself:

  • Parking-Mode Motion Detection seems to be turned on automaticly…
  • watermark can be disabled but this means the ROAV and the timestamp?! how can i only disable the ROAV thing and let the date and time? and why date is olways in “xx/xx/xxxx” ??? in germany we use “xx.xx.xxxx”… no set up for this stuff?

and somethign great: handbook says only max 32gb microSD will work and 64/!28MB need to be format on a PC first: WRONG! :slight_smile: the cam has formatted my 64GB and it works great :slight_smile: