Anker Roav Dash Cam C1 Videos Not Saving to iPhone Album/Uploading to YouTube through Roav App


Just as the title states, I recently purchased an Anker Roav Dash Cam C1. So far I love it, however, once I connect my iPhone 7+ (latest iOS - lots of memory available) and download the videos to my phone using the Roav app, it won’t let me save the videos to my album or upload the videos to YouTube.

The dash cam app goes through the process saying, “Save Successful” when saving it to my photo album but, the videos are not there when checking the iPhone Photos App. The same thing can be said about uploading it to YouTube, it goes through the process of uploading the video and even says, “Upload Successful” but, when checking my YouTube account video manager, it says " Upload failed: Can’t process file."

Does anyone know how to correct this issue or is there something I am doing wrong as to why the videos won’t save to album or upload to YouTube? Is this an issue with the Roav app? Please help!

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(Below is what YouTube says on my video manager when I try to upload the video):

Have you tried resetting the C1? If you have, I recommend either calling Roav at 1-800-988-7973 or emailing them at . I am able to save video clips to my iPhone 6s fine. Hope that helps. :slight_smile: But definitely try resetting the camera. One more thing, make sure you format the microSD inside the C1.

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As @Nhi said, make sure to format the SD card inside the Roav. I don’t own a roav but I had a similar issue with an action camera where I formatted outside of the camera. Since you are using IOS you may have to format for it and not the camera see this article

@EricW There is a Roav app update out. Perhaps this will solve your problems.

I actually ran into this issue as well as the Roav app seems to sometimes put a date on the video a few days in the future. On your iPhone, go to the Photos app, tap “Albums” at the bottom, then “All Photos”. The video should appear at the very bottom of the list as it will likely have a future date on it.

Make sure you have the newest firmware update on the camera and newest software on your phone.