Anker Roav Dash Cam C1 Pro :-)

Got my Roav Dash Cam C1 Pro yesterday, I am impressed. Anker had sent me an email to do a firmware due to a date stamping issue and went off without a hitch. Uses same mount as non pro version so it was a quick swap.

couple of changes over C1 (non pro):
2K Resolution 2560X1440,
Built-In GPS/WiFi, 2.4"

Now it has a voice that tells you what is going on rather than having to decipher beeps and noises. (power disconnected, parking monitor on etc)

I will need to play with it some more to check all functions and video quality etc, but so far im happy.

I am going to play with making a mount so I can mount the original c1 on my flat rear window in my truck. Thinking just a thicker adhesive pad (or stack them) so camera can be positioned flat against glass


Will explore roav cam from Anker when I do decide to purchase one :slight_smile:

I would try it out when i get the money because im broke/bankrupt right now and the camera is to high of a price :sob:

Sounds like Anker really listened to customer suggestions and made a ton Improvements. :+1::+1::zap::zap:

I got a promo email from Anker for one of these but haven’t pulled the trigger on one. I wanted to wait to hear feedback by someone who has played with both the C1 and Pro. I currently have the C1. I wonder if the upgrade in resolution really helps clarify things? How is the footage of the C1 vs Pro? At times, I find that my C1’s footage is grainy. That’s great to hear that they have Voice prompts on the Pro.

With the GPS. Does it have its own map/video playback application for the PC?

please post some pictures of the C1 pro… looking like c1?

There are a ton of freeware programs like this one