Anker Roav Dash Cam C1 Pro (Very slow to view video on app)

Day 1 and I’m in love with Anker new dash cam comparing this to my old one with is “Cobra CDR 840 Drive HD” it had very shaky video because used a suction cup mount. The day I was installing my new Anker C1 PRO, I opened my car door and found my old dash cam not on my window but on the floor because of the hot sun it looses the mount and that was 6th time this yeah my old dash cam fell off but not any thanks to Ankers 3M sticker mount with it a lot better than suction mount.

The App is amazing but if anyone has a C1 Pro is it slow to view the videos on you dash cam? Because when i’m connect ed to Ankers WiFi and go to the app it would take minuets to start playing the video on my dash cam as if it was buffering. It buffers longer than when i’m LTE streaming a YouTube video. If there is another update let me know, already updated to latest firm when I unboxed it. If you guys want to know what’s inside the ANKER ROAV C1 PRO here my unboxing video.

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WOW! Very helpful guide, nice unboxing video!:thumbsup:

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Me too, download speed is very very slow. I’m using iOS 11