Anker ROAV C1 hardwire?

I want to hardwire my Roav C1 but it appears to be a bit pot luck after reading all the reviews on Amazon and how people have bricked their devices etc. Therefore I am after some recommendations please. Which kits are the ‘safest’ and which ones should I avoid? TIA.

use a battery powerpack! this is the safiest way…

i will hardwire this stuff the days:

cigarette lighter (i got 5.2A 3x-USB) -> 20.000mAh Battery-Powerbank in the glove compartment -> DashCam :slight_smile:

so power is only used if engine is turned on (depends on your car! my disabling the lighther if engine is off)

the powerpack should have a minimum of 2A INPUT… better 2x 2A input! with 1x2A the car needs 10 hours to get it full…


@Adam_Kopacz Creative work around.

I used this one from Amazon…

Works absolutely no problem with my C1.

i tried the stuff for some days now, see also:

hardwire/powerbank DOES NOT WORK because of BUGS in the SW… 7.6, 7.7 and the pre-alpha-7.8 that roav support is mailing had the same bugs:

the parking monitor CAN NOT be disabled. the setting is ignored and its always on…

hardwired: the cam is recording hundred of clips here every night…the motion-detection (by picture) can NOT be disabled (bug). this is using much electricity… (car-battery should be killed in some days if full)

without hardwire: it should stop after 15 motion-detection-clips and record then only if g-sensor turns it on…

i hardwired my c1 pro using this
i have a diesel with 2 - 12v batteries so im not worried about draining