Anker Roav Bolt: What issues have you got?

Hi guys,

Was trying to check out some video reviews on this. Seems like many issues are with connectivity on IOS phones.

Any android phone users having issues?


I haven’t had any connectivity issues… just a delay… everything else I dislike is the way it’s supposed to be :confused:

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Hi @Techman,

r u on IOS? How long is the delay?

What kind of connectivity issue are you experiencing?

Make sure you have updated Google Assistant app on iPhone, make sure the Bluetooth is enabled , plug in the Bolt into the car charger port and launch the Google Assistant… You should see the app detect Bolt and ask to add it. Follow the setup wizard and update the Bolt firmware. Note that Bolt for iOS is still in Beta

Also contact Roav Support – and keep your purchase details handy.


I’m on iOS. I’ve had delays up to 6 seconds

tats bad. hope they sort out the software/firmware soon.

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No connectivity issues. That works great. The only two issues I have are as follows:

  1. When first entering the car there is no command to just start playing music from Google Play where I left off. If I say “Play” it has no idea what I’m talking about. If I say “play music” it just starts playing things randomly. I wish there was a command to just hit play in the app. That may be a Google Assistant issue more than a Roav one though.

  2. It cannot order from Starbucks. It will get all the way to the point of sending my order and fail. I can complete a Starbucks order using voice control and Google Assistant directly on my phone, but it always fails with the Bolt.

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I had a couple of days of refusing to connect to my Note 8. After resetting and deleting from Google Assistant with a factory reset (I think that’s what I did). It ran through the setup process and did a firmware update.

After that it takes about a minute to connect then a small 1 to 3 second delay when saying “Hey Google”

These both seem to be related to Google Assistant (GA) than the Bolt itself. GA may need to let Bolt allow music as well as authorize Starbucks purchase.

Glad you are able to use Bolt for most part of usage.

I can make the call that is routed through Bolt but when the call comes in it is not routed.
Still have this issue with 0.5.16 FW