ANKER Replacement Batteries

I was browsing the Power User samples and noticed something I didn’t even known Anker made, replacement batteries for GoPros. I looked around and found replacement batteries for various devices. I was thrilled because many Chinese replacement batteries are nowhere near the stated capacity. Anker being a reputable brand, this isn’t an issue. I’d really like to see Anker promote that part of their business, because a lot of us have devices that could use a refresher. Consider this: OnePlus One replacement battery. The forums over at OnePlus are crowded with questions about legit replacement batteries, and I have yet to find one myself.

What do you guys think? More OEM replacement batteries?

They’ve been in the replacement battery business since i first saw Anker in 2013 or maybe even before that. But typically they only produce them for popular, seen everywhere phones. I have yet to see any OnePlus in my public skipping.

There offerings do seem limited for replacement batteries, I understand why, It can be a huge expense and takes time to go through only to see little demand after an upgrade cycle.

I have used Anker replacement batteries for Samsung devices and they worked brilliantly. OnePlus are a bit trickier as they aren’t so easily replaced, but it would be good to see them available. Certainly OnePlus One users will now be looking for new batteries (I am one).

I would like to see rechargeable AA and AAA Batteries too!

Anker being in the battery business it seems very possible for them to expand their ops in this regard.

they should do also for the Sony A7s the battery is soo bad!