Anker rechargeable bolder P2

I really like my anker rechargeable bolder P2 flashlight. The battery life is good so far and it doesn’t take that long to charge. Although a battery status would be nice. Also i think the metal grip is handy even when oily.

Thank you @Bpaige88 for your experience about Bolder P2, glad you are liking it.

However Product reviews are expected to be a bit more elaborative, with more details on the he product, may be some Pros/Cons, pictures, such as these reviews 1 2

Hope to see more reviews from you!


Glad you liked your bolder !! few pictures of your product in use would greatly compliment your review :ok_hand:

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Could be a “little bit” more written and add some photos please.
Doing this, it might be called a review.
Thank you.

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Would be good if you could expand a bit on your experience @Bpaige88 with the Bolder flashlight…could you perhaps add some pictures in use?

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Thanks for the tips, i don’t do that many reviews but will be more elaboration. Also Im not allowed to take pictures wear i use it