Anker Receptacle, thoughts?


Has anyone here purchased an Anker Receptacle? What’s your experience with it. I’m thinking about getting 3 of them but I’m kind of hesitant since they are new to the receptacle business… Even though it is ETL listed


This is awesome, I didn’t even know they made this. I’m gonna order a few if they are good, but I’ll start with 1 for now to test it out

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Me neither! This caught me by surprise. I was looking for usb c receptacle and I saw this low key on the very bottom of the list!

Not surprised Anker didnt do any marketing around this…the user base is probably quite small…

Never seen before.
A great find for US costumers.
But the market is small.
I would prefer “mobile” chargers.
But hotels etc. could be interested in.

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