Anker Q30 advices

So its my 3rd pair of Anker q30 i got from my warranty , its clips just cracking repeatedly.No matter which one i will get this will happen.What is your advice ? After cracking especially ergonomics got worse and hurts my head.
I very disappointed about this.Total ruiner.

How should we give you an advice?
We don’t know how you care about the headphones.
So we don’t know how this “cracking” happens.

Sadly its happening regular use , 7-8 hours in day in laptop (since my job involves computer)

Since its plastic , its broken at some point.

I am going to assume that you have an average size head.

I had a strike 1 that broke at a certain point and it was from normal use about 2 months in. I found that I left the slider where it was at and not closed. I think with the slider out that it found a weak point.

I have q30 that I gave to my son. His head is smaller and thus the slider is not moved and thus no real breakage as of yet and I think he uses them about the same amount of time due to his Asperger’s.

So, I am just going to make an assumption that during the day you take them on and off. You will have the slider out to your head size. After you take them on and off, you are stretching them a little to move them off your ear and are holding them from the earcups.

So my only guess is like my Strike 1 that I did not move the slider back in and left it open and it created a weak point over time.

It was my one fault with the q30 and 35 that there was no metal components but that will be my assumption that they were kept at the one length and it caused the breakage at one of its weakest area or worn that one area as it had the most pressure on it.

After my Strike issue, I have been making sure that I try to close them so that the headband can help take some of that pressure off different parts of the head set (q35)

May be totally off but look at it like breaking a paper clip. You bend it back and forth at one specific point and that one point gets hot and weaker and then breaks.

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Makes sense Duane!

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I really think anker should have do this design different.I dont know maybe replaceable part or metal part.

Maybe get a different set of headphones from Anker

I have these headphones too, I use them daily since I bought them in December 2020, so far I have not had any problems, it can happen that your head is bigger than normal which leads to break them over time. Has this happened to you before with other headphones? Try using in-ear headphones like the liberty pro or liberty air 2 pro.