Anker products in the eu

im in the market for a 2 -3 port wallcharger with atleast one quick charge 3.0 port. on the anker website i noticed 1-2-3-4+one qc3 port but in the eu i can only find a powerport speed 5 desktop charger with 2 qc ports(on the german amazon). al the other multi port charger just have iq ports. it there a specific reason why anker doesnt sell the other products in the eu

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Not sure where you live but there are a ton of Anker wall chargers here:

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im from the netherlands uk has wrong outlet type. but the issue is i want a wall charger with atleast 1 quick charge port and 1 or more iq ports. the only charger that has that is a desktop charger.

this one. i found that one on the german amazon. that has almost the same items as the uk one. just 1 qc port charger or multi iq ports besides the desktop charger linked.

Not sure why they sell different products for different markets but they do.

Can I ask why you do not want power iq? While it doesn’t charge like quick charge it’s Ankers proprietary tech that allows devices to charge almost as quick charge. I have both and noticed a slim difference of just 10 minutes charging between my galaxy s5, and my wife’s S7 and also my moto x pure

cq3’seems to be quite a bit faster then iq2.0 from what i have read and seen. for qc2 the difference was smaller. but might be something in my head that is wrong.

I have both a quick charge 2 and 3.0 device and as I mentioned it’s not much longer to charge between them when using power iq
But it’s all subjective based on the device and when it’s put on the charger. A device will take longer to charge from 70% than one from say 20% because it charges at the max power as opposed to less because it has more charge

IQ2 and QC3 are the same performance.

However there are no IQ2 chargers out yet. As IQ2 is compatible but not licensed

Correct, in USA there is a 2-port with one QC3 and another IQ, but in EU plugs you don’t have that product. There is no valid technical reason I can think of, so it is probably due to demand. If Anker did make an IQ2 charger it would be physically smaller and easier to make so it may be out in the configuration you want.

So question to @AnkerOfficial - when will there be an IQ2 2+ port wall charger with a EU 2 pin?

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Hi @nigelhealy,

Thanks for your question.I’m glad to hear you are interested in our products. However, duo to our internal control rules, we can’t release any information related to our new products.

We are constantly working on creating new products and improving the existing ones and it is users like you that inspire us to continue down this path.

If you would like to get more real-time information about our new products/promotions, please pay attention to our Amazon storefront.

Thanks again for your understanding.:innocent:

I might get slapped for this…

Boots (uk) sell an energiser wall charger with 4 slots, top one is a quick charge.

Often times if a product is not available we refer people to other brands. We’re not promoting them nor are we getting paid for it so your good


Wants EU plug not UK plug

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Look on German ENERGISER website. If they do in UK, they should do in Europe¿¡¿