Anker Product isn't on the website

I think the Anker website in Canada needs a rehaul. The 26800 PD with 45W output isn’t listed on the website “”, which probably makes them miss out on a lot of potential sales.

Unfortunately the product range is fragmented in listings over the websites for various territories, been mentioned quite often, hopefully they will get a grip on it or a more uniformed product range layout going forward :slightly_smiling_face:

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This happens from time to time.
Give the crew a change to update!

May be it’s not offered in Canada anymore (if they did in the past)

I think they have more stuff on Amazon at times than they do for the website

Hi @Ryan_Fang,

You are right.
The product list on Anker Canada site is not complete. We will normally pick several best selling products and important products to display on website. So that’s why you can’t see all the product be listed on the website.

But thank you for your suggestion, maybe we can consider to add more products on the site recently.:blush:

I believe the PowerCore 26800+ PD 45W is such a flagship device that it deserves to be put on the website