Anker product being sold on apple website

Last night I was doing one of my I’m bored so lets buy everything cool on apple and see how much it comes to. Last nights haul was over £46K obviously I did not actually purchase anything, but I was surprised to come across this:
Anker PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery Battery and Charger

I thought that this was cool and then searched to see if they had any other anker product but that was the only one.

Where else unexpected have you guys & girls found anker products being sold?

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Hi @Andrew_Michaels,

We have been closing the topics before, because we haven’t got the authorization to promote, but now we can discuss it freely.:grin:


thats pretty cool to see!

Damm impressive anker :+1:

Good to know :thumbsup:

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First time seeing a UK version :wink:
£90 :thumbsdown:

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As its only at Apple, I don’t see any discounts on the way either :frowning2:

Nice to see it.I only had seen belkin,Proud of anker <3

I guess that explains why my previous thread disappeared. Surprised they didn’t give you authorization to promote when it was on their website.

But it’s avaliable so who’s complaining I agree I’d buy if it was 50 :+1:

This is incredible one item sells for almost 100 bucks and the other without battery function is selling for $7 :joy:
“Yes I know they are different items”


YMMV… NOT all WM’s have it for $7… lucky you if you got one. :grin:

yep my bad, its YMMV :grin:

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Do we have something like this in the US?

We do, its on Apples web page. But It only delivers 30 W via PD. I saw while I was doing research for my review.

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You were quick with the link, thanks man :thumbsup:

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Always trying to help :joy:

hey, no problem, as long as you are trying to help!

We need more members like you :clap:

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I went on a short business trip this week and was wandering around Gatwick airport and popped into Dixons, I came across this!!

Another great Anker product in a cool location.