ANKER Pro 10000 mAh Multi Voltage portable power pack external battery charger

I purchased the product in 2013, I’m asking if anyone might have the instruction manual that I can copy, thank you. I sent a request to ANKER and they don’t have access to any documentation, wow!!


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Could I get a picture of the information on the back of it?

Ah, that’s the Anker® Astro3 10000mAh Multi-voltage 5V / 9V / 12V 2A External Battery Pack ( Dual USB Output plus DC Output)

Are you needing the charger for it? If so This would be what you need. As for other instructions, I’ll see what I can find

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So I remembered this thread, similar product from a different company…so instructions should be the same

Do you have a picture of the charger. connector and polarity?