Anker Premium USB-C Mini-Dock Product Specs

I have some questions about the Anker Premium USB-C Mini-Dock product specs that I cannot seem to find an Anker’s site or the Amazon listing.

  1. What’s the power output for each of the USB ports? Is it combined output?
  2. Which version is the HDMI port (1.4 or 2.0)? If it’s 2.0, does it support 4K at 60 Hz?
  3. Does the pass through charging support the full power delivery specs (i.e. up to 100 watts)?
  4. Is there a negative performance impact for using all the ports? For example, in my scenario I will probably be using both USB ports (charging a phone on one and powering a portable drive on another), connected to a 4K screen, connected to LAN and using pass through charging.

Thank you.

Hi @ziad87 , you would be best reaching out to to clarify these questions, as a number of reviews I have read do give contradictions to the specs.

In regards to question 4 and I cannot say for certain as I do not have this bit of kit but normal rule of thumb with hubs is that the more your try to do with it (charging / external hard drives etc), performance will in all likeliness be degraded.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I contacted the support team and this was their response in case anybody else is interested.

A1: When without the power adapter connected, the output will be decided by the USB port from the computer, the max output from each port will be 0.9A.When being connected to the power adapter, the max output will be 1.7A and shared among all ports. The same, 0.9A max per port.

A2: 1.4 HDMI port, support 3840x2160@30Hz.

A3: If you would like to charge through the hub, the power received from the adapter will be 60W, deducted the consumption by other ports, your computer will receive
probable 45W power supply from the hub.

A4: Kindly reminded that USB A, HDMI and other ports will consume 8.5W energy when the power adapter is connected. So if the power consumption from other devices exceeds 8.5W, the hub may not work properly. So kindly reminded the tips below: 1. do remember to connect the power adapter when multi-devices are connected to the hub. 2. Do not use the USB A port to charge your phone at the same time.


Glad to here you got your answers and thanks for posting Anker’s response. No doubt will prove helpful for other members in the future.