Anker Premium USB-C Hub - Display and Ethernet Capability


I have a apple macbook that is connected via USB-C to a LG 4K 27" monitor (27UD88-W). At the moment it supports power, display and ethernet (USB3.0 to ethernet hub) all through the single cable.

I’d like to know two things:

  1. If I connect my macbook >>>> via usb-c cable >>>>>>input anker usb-c port >>>>> output anker usb port >>>>>LG 4k usb-port. Will my macbook be able to send the display output via the anker to the LG monitor?

  2. If I connect my macbook >>>> via usb-c cable >>>>>input anker usb-c port >>>>>output ethernet >>>>> network switch. Will the anker pass throgh network connectivity to my macbook and bypass the LG monitor.

At the I’m using a USB 3.0 to ethernet adapater, which is connected to the back of the LG monitor, the ethernet speed is restriced as the LG monitor is acting as the bottle neck. I’m wondering if the anker hub adapter will bypass the monitor completely.


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Hi @Adam_Merretz , in answer to your query, using the hub should bypass your monitor for the Ethernet connection as your USB Ethernet adapter will be connected to the hub rather than your monitor (as you currently have it). As for using the USB-C output for your display, as far as I know display output is only supported via HDMI.

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerSupport can confirm?

Thanks for confirming.

If you can produce a hub that can be connected as follows, I’ll buy 200 of them. I’m sure there will be others who’ll see the benefit as well.

  1. Macbook connects to hub via USB-C
  2. The hub connects to an LG 4 Monitor via USB-C and passes through secondary display and charges macbook.
  3. The hub connects to ethernet and bypasses the monitor and priovides network access to the macbook.

This will be very cool. As we will use a single cable and get display, power and fast ethernet via a single USB-C connection.