Anker Premium Double-Braided Nylon USB-C to USB-A 2.0 Cable

This charging cable has a solid feel. The braided nylon on the outside feels great and you can see and feel the quality there. The cable has a bit of rigidity, giving you a sense of quality there as well, letting you know that it’s built to last unlike other charging cables. It’s tough, durable, and hits the mark everytime. The only charger cords I ever use anymore are Anker, and I see no reason to change that.
I’ve been a long time customer of Anker and they have consistently provided me with quality products and customer service. I don’t need to contact them often, but anytime I have, they’ve gone above and beyond to make things right


Thanks for your feedback, do you have any pictures to share?

Thanks for the positive feedback. Will keep on working! :wink:

Thanks for sharing your feedback :ok_hand: